Indústrias Suavetex

Producing Quality

Industry 100% brazilian, the INDUSTRIA SUAVETEX LTDA was founded in 1999 and is today among the biggest oral care industries in the country, working in all segments through its business units – industry, services to third parties and exportation.


We have a modern industrial park, within a 25.000m² area, we have an advanced operational structure, high technology, equipment calibrated and validated (I.Q – O.Q – P.Q), raw-material homologated by the quality sector and qualified labor.

For enrichment of our labor qualification, we have a program called ATP (annual Training plan), and it is made with internal training (such as our auditor groups ISO) and external in worldwide known institutions.

Our raw-material stocking area is totally isolated, where we control temperature and humidity monitoring.

Mechanical system built in a “U” flux, where there’s no risk of crossing walks during the operations in the sectors of: Receiving, Raw-material sampling and packages, Raw-material stocking, Fragmentation, Product manufacturing, Product filling, Stocking, and Loading.

We work with the concept that “no job is so urgent that can’t be done with quality, security and respect for the environment”.

A robust quality system is implemented in the company and was elaborated basing on ISO 9001: 2008. GPM program (good practices of manufacturing) and regulations from ANVISA – personal hygiene and cosmetics.We work preventively and focused on ensured quality, which provides the manufacturing of products with quality and security.

All of the industry activities are documented in OP (operational procedures) and WI (work instructions) and log. This documentation has standardized formatting, own codification and the staff is trained in this procedures.

The industry has physic chemical laboratory, sensorial laboratory, microbiology laboratory and package laboratory.
The raw-material and packaging materials sampling for analysis is based on ANVISA requirements and ANSI 1.9 (variables) rules and ANSI 1.4 (attributes) respectively.

The Physico Chemical Laboratory is made of: 2 instrumentation rooms, 1 stability analysis room, 1 sample preparation and reagents room and 1 general physicochemical analysis room. It is a very modern and well-equipped and the American pharmacopeia (USP), Brazilian pharmacopeia and ANVISA requirement methodologies are followed. Analysis in all raw-materials, granary, finished product, effluents, potable water and purified water are carried out in this laboratory.
In the instrumentation room the following analysis are carried out: colorimetry, spectrophotometry (UV/VIS and IR), chromatography (liquid, gaseous and thin layers), size and particle distribution, polarimetry, flashpoint and density. There are stability chambers in the stability room and they carry out tests of accelerated stability, confirmatory and in progress. In the physicochemical room they carry out potentiometric analysis, conductivity, ions selection, TOC measurement, entitling, viscosity, Ro-TAP, DQO, hardness, ozone, mineral in water determination, ash, humidity and ultra-sound

The Sensorial Laboratory is made of sample preparation room and a room that has the sensorial booth. We count on a qualified panelist team.

The Microbiology Laboratory is made of: scrub room, stocking culture medium room, stocking cepa ATCC room, preparation and analysis room, sterilization and preparation of culture medium room, incubation room, counting and reading, cleaning and decontamination room. Raw-material, finished product, potable and purified water, air and contact surfaces analyses are carried out in this laboratory. It is a model laboratory and the analyses follow the American pharmacopeia (USP), Brazilian pharmacopeia and ANVISA requirement methodologies. It has as a differential, the culture medium control that is qualified by the cepas and the identification of microorganisms through biochemical proof.

In the Package Laboratory they carry out analysis in all packaging material such as tubes, bottles, lids, cartridges, boxes, film stretch and scotch tape. In this laboratory they carry out physical, dimensional, visual (color pattern) and legal words analyses. The analyses follow international rules ASTM, TAPPI methods, PBI, CONVENIN.



Oral care and Beauty care products.

INDUSTRIAS SUAVETEX LTDA started an oral care product outsourcing process in 2001, attending several partners in the segment. Since then we search to invest in new technologies and new products development in the segment of oral care and cosmetics.

We adopt the partnership work method, where we spare all our structure, equipment, laboratories and specialized labor to give our partners the necessary support for product developing and manufacturing.

We have a team that is highly specialized in the project developing phase, providing guarantee and tranquility during all the steps of the project.

This way, all partners can dedicate themselves to other activities, as outsourcing today is a tendency because of the growing demand in the sector. Many companies look for industries of same segment to complement its product line through outsourcing.

Through this vision, we constantly improve out outsourcing standard in excellence, to provide our partners the credibility and trust that big companies search in the market.

There are many advantages for a company that hires a third party to produce their products, among them: fixed cost reduction, new formulas development, expertize in manufacturing among others, having more time to focus on the development of their brand. Besides, there is a bigger gain in the profit margin for who hires, the investment risk becomes small, taking into account that the building price of a manufacturing structure with production line, laboratories, service to all legislations among others is very high.

Today, outsource is one of our business segment, Suavetex has started dedicating to the outsourcing of oral and also beauty care products.

As a global tendency, outsourcing has been getting space and big advantages for companies that search this kind of service, the big companies around the world consider it an important alternative to reduce costs, this reduction is associated to quality improvement, technological updating and consequently to the end product accuracy, all companies wish to reduce expenses and increase quality.