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Suavetex is a company with high tradition and well-known nationally for its oral-hygiene products. The company is located in Uberlândia-MG, a city with one of the highest economic growth rate in Brazil. To ensure its respectful rank in the market, Suavetex works with the strictest manufacturing standards and always seeks to meet the consumers needs. The standing out of the company in the sector is the result of the following of the level of consumer satisfaction and the continuous standard of its production. Since 1999, the company has been developing its products proving that hard work, along with the latest technology and quality, gain the respect from its clients and consumers. This generates great results and helps to reach new markets.

Mission: Improve people’s lives through our work and products, in the company and in the market, in a way they have pleasure in living well.

Vision: We research, create and manufacture hygiene products, always aiming a quality level that surprises and make our clients and consumers loyal to us.

Slogan: “Pleasure in living well.”

Our commitment is with the continuous products enhancement, through the maintenance and enrichment of a system with efficient quality, with social and environmental responsibilities. We have a quality and efficient system based in the good manufacturing practice and controls (BPF and C). Our main goal is the satisfaction of our clients and consumers, in order to do that, we keep a permanent enhancement of our products and capacitating of our professionals, strict control of raw-material and packing.

Quality practice: Provide safe products that meet or exceed the clients’ expectations, according to the legal obligations. We are committed to understanding and taking our individual and group responsibilities in the implementation of the quality system throughout the productive chain, emphasizing the quality and security of the products and the continuous improvement of the quality management system.

Environment policy: Prevent pollution, reduce the environmental damage of our activities and promote the sustainability of the natural resources that we depend on, providing secure products and with good quality. We are committed to the improvement of the environmental performance in reaching all the legal obligations and environmental requirements applicable to our business.

Safety policy: Create and keep a security culture, aiming a free-of-accident work environment. Meet or exceed the laws and regulations applicable to healthy and security. Continuously improve the conditions of health and security through the investment in our staff and facilities. We are committed to attending the security program and actively seek solutions to reach a work environment free of accidents and injuries. We believe that all accidents and injuries are inacceptable and therefore we make an effort to eliminate them.

Suavetex is committed to provide total satisfaction to its clients and consumers. For that reason, it counts on an advanced operational structure, investing in latest technology and best-quality raw-material, provided by companies with a great know-how in the market. All the raw-material, as well as the manufacturing processes are followed by highly qualified professionals, following the strictest quality standards.


“CONTENTE” is a company that develops products with strict processing rules and offers to the shopkeepers several options of products. To ensure the growth and the tradition in the market, Contente has partnerships throughout the country. This way, the product can be found in the best stores in the country, with quality and guarantee recognized by consumers.

Contente is located in Uberlândia-MG, and spreads its products to many points of sale, and has an expressive participation in the national share, thanks mainly to the WHOLESALERS AND DISTRIBUTORS that take our products to the most distant points in Brazil. This partnership is extremely important because the wholesaler and distributor can reach places that the company can’t. The representative of wholesaler and distributor is an extension of the industry, being able to put our mix of products in all the sale channels with service quality.

Following a worldwide tendency, Suavetex has decided to enter into the globalization era. The company has been investing to meet the external market demands since 2001, working with the same seriousness and quality that we have been working in the internal market.

The Suavetex Industries, besides catering to the internal market orders, it also exports its products to other countries, and for this to happen, we follow strict quality processes during production. Aiming to create products that bring satisfaction to our clients. We offer a variety of oral hygiene products such as toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash and dental floss. Respect and dedication to the users are some of the ways that suavetex industries relate to the people that like and use its variety of products.



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